One Color Simple: single colour, cuticle dots

1/2 Simple Accents: full set fine glitter dust or foils, 1/2 accent nails - marble, glitters, foils, stamping, simple nail art

Medium Art: full set chrome, chunky glitter, marble, ombre, stamping, nail art, tortoiseshell, french. 1/2 detailed accent nails

Heavy Art: detailed nail art


Gel Polish Mani: super duper long lasting manicure of 3+ weeks. Over 100 coours to choose from, easy application and zero fuss removals (just remember and book it ;))

Sculptured Enhancements: offering Acrylic, Hard Gel & Soft Gel nail extensions and overlays. Not sure? Don't worry we will discuss everything at your appointment and will give my honest opinion on which system will be best suited to you and your lifestyle

Lil Bit Lush Pedicure: luxury foot soak, nail & cuticle work, foot scrub & buff, nourishing foot massage and heel cream then finished with your chosen gel nail polish

Big Bit Lavish Pedicure: super duper luxury foot soak with mini fizzers, nail & cuticle work, foot scrub & buff, intensive foot nourishment mask, foot & leg massage finished with chosen gel nail polish

Callus Peels: available to book as a stand alone treatment or as a pedicure add on (includes gel toes pedi) - spa foot treatment that removes hard, callused skin leaving feet feeling soft and revitalised

Salon Prices/Booking

Sculptured Acrylic/Gel Extensions
Simple - One Colour 1H 15M £47.00
1 or 2 Simple Accents 1h 30M £50.00
Medium Art - up to 10 nails 1H 45M £53.00
Heavy Art 2H 15M £65.00
"INSTA" Style 3H + £75.00 +
WILDCARD 2H £50.00
Rebalance - Acrylic/Gel/BIAB 3-4weeks
Simple - One Colour 1H £36.00
1 or 2 simple accents 1H 15M £39.00
Medium Art - up to 10 nails 1H 40M £42.00
Heavy Art 2H £52.00
WILDCARD 2H £39.00
"INSTA" Style 3H + £65.00 +
Gel Polish Manicure
Simple - One Colour 30M £29.00
1 or 2 simple accents 45M £32.00
Medium Art - up to 10 nails 1H £35.00
Heavy Art 1H 30 £45.00
WILDCARD 1H 30M £33.00
"INSTA" Style 2H 30M + £55.00 +
Strengthening Base Gel - first application 30M £10.00
Gel Polish Soak Offs
Pre-service Removal 15M FREE
Pre-service Removal (not my product) 15M £5.00
Removal & Tidy - no colour 30M £10.00
Removal & Tidy (not my product) - no colour 30M £12.00
Gel Polish Pedicures
Elio Pedicure *with Gel Colour toe nails* 1H 15M £47.00
Elio Pedicure *NO polish 1H £40.00
Elim Medi-Heel Peel *with Gel Polish 45M £32.00
Elim Medi-Heel Peel alone 30M £25.00
Gel Toes 30M £25.00
Nail Fix - before 5 days 15M FREE
Nail Fix - after 5 days 15M £5.00
Acrylic Soak Offs
Acrylic Removal - before new set 45M £15.00
Acrylic Removal & Tidy Up 1H £20.00
Swarovski Crystals 20M from £5.00
Extra Nail Art 15M £5.00
Simple - One Colour fingers & toes 1H £43.00